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France promises to transfer 6 more Caesar howitzers to Ukraine

France promises to transfer 6 more Caesar howitzers to Ukraine

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France plans to transfer six more Caesar self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.

This follows from a statement by the French Minister of Defense Sebastien Lecornu on the air of LCI.

He noted that French President Emmanuel Macron promised to transfer this weaponry to Ukraine as part of military aid.

"We will deliver them in the coming weeks. So far, we have delivered other types of artillery of the previous generation - TRF1 howitzers," Lecornu said.

As the head of the French Ministry of Defense noted, Paris will fulfill its promise, which was to send 24 Caesar howitzers to Ukraine.

He also emphasized that the military support of Ukraine does not make France a part of the conflict.

Caesar is a self-propelled artillery installation of a new generation. It allows you to hit enemy targets at a distance of 20 km or more from the front line with high accuracy. Artillery, reserves, enemy control points are usually located at this distance.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, at the beginning of June, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed how Ukrainian gunners "work" on the Russians, using French CAESAR self-propelled artillery systems.

And last month, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared footage of the use of American HIMARS systems, which have already become legendary, on Russian positions in the Zaporizhzhia Region.

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