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Russia Carrying Out Cyber Attacks On Ukraine's Energy Facilities For Maximum Blackout - SSU

Russia Carrying Out Cyber Attacks On Ukraine's Energy Facilities For Maximum Blackout - SSU

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Russia carries out numerous cyber attacks on Ukraine's energy facilities to cause a maximum "blackout." This was told by the head of the Cybersecurity Department of the SSU Illia Vitiuk.

So, the SSU constantly blocks Russian cyber attacks on energy facilities.

"The latest shelling of TPPs and CHPPs was also accompanied by cyber attacks. The SSU expected such a scenario, so none of them was effective," Vitiuk said.

According to the Security Service, on average, Russia carries out 10 cyber attacks on Ukraine per day. Its main goals are energy, infrastructure and logistics.

"In the worst case, with the help of a cyber attack, they can, for example, turn off electricity for a while, or some services will not work for a short period, but we are working to prevent even this from happening," said Illia Vitiuk.

During the full-scale war, Russia carried out more than 3,500 cyber attacks on the authorities of critical infrastructure.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine is considering all scenarios for the deterioration of the situation with the supply of electricity, including a full blackout.

In addition, EU states responded to Ukraine's request for help and sent 500 power generators after Russian strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Meanwhile, rescuers recalled safety during light outages due to fires in Kyiv.