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Stremousov's Death Confirmed By Head Of Kherson Collaborators Saldo

Stremousov's Death Confirmed By Head Of Kherson Collaborators Saldo

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Stremousov's death was confirmed by Volodymyr Saldo, the head of the occupation administration of the Kherson Region.

The head of Kherson collaborators recorded a video message with condolences.

"It is very difficult for me to say that Kyrylo Stremousov died today, he died in the territory of the Kherson Region, while driving in a car," he said.

Saldo said that it will be very difficult to tell relatives and friends about the tragedy. He promised to take care of all his five children and the baby that was about to be born.

We will remind you that today Russian propaganda channels reported on the death of Kyrylo Stremousov in a road accident.

A week earlier, Stremousov announced a 24-hour curfew in occupied Kherson, but a few hours later he deleted the video and stated that there would be no restrictions on movement in Kherson.

Meanwhile, in Kherson, the occupiers engaged in total looting and took away everything valuable from the city.

On November 6, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the occupiers in Kherson continue to forcibly evacuate the population and send out fake messages.

On November 3, the Russian flag disappeared from the building of the regional state administration in temporarily occupied Kherson.

On November 2, the General Staff was informed that the Russian occupiers were taking archival documents of the local administration out of Kherson during the so-called "evacuation".