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US Elections. Republican Who Blocked Bill On Aid To Ukraine Gets Into Senate

US Elections. Republican Who Blocked Bill On Aid To Ukraine Gets Into Senate

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In the midterm elections to the U.S. Congress, Republican Senator Randal Howard Paul, who in May blocked a bill to provide Ukraine with a military aid package, will continue his representation in the Senate.

It is reported by The Washington Post.

The publication writes that Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a former presidential candidate, won a third term in the Senate, defeating a rival from the other end of the political spectrum, Democrat Charles Booker.

The victory of Paul, first elected in 2010, continued the Republican Party’s long winning streak in the Kentucky Senate race.

Commenting on the results of voting in Kentucky in the midterm elections, the politician on his Twitter called the results a "big victory."

Rand Paul, as American political observers note, is "one of the most undeniable voices in the Senate." The politician, in particular, claimed "excessive government intervention" in quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier the United States announced a new military assistance package for Ukraine for USD 400 million.

On November 1, the Pentagon announced that Ukraine would receive 8 NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems from the United States to strengthen air defense.

Meanwhile, the United States assured that the elections to Congress will not affect the support of Ukraine.