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Elections in United States. Republicans leading in House of Representatives

Elections in United States. Republicans leading in House of Representatives

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The Republican Party is on track to take control of the House of Representatives in the U.S. midterm elections.

This is written by Reuters, the European Pravda online media outlet reports.

According to Edison Research projections, Republicans picked up four Democratic seats in the House of Representatives, one less than they need to win a majority and be able to block the Biden administration's agenda.

But that number could change because 100 of the 435 House seats up for election have yet to be declared, including some with vulnerable Republican incumbents.

Crucial Senate races in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona are very close. The Georgia race could end in a runoff on December 6, with the fate of the Senate possibly hanging in the balance. Democrats currently control the Senate 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris holding the deciding vote.

Early results suggest that Democrats will avoid the "breakout" election that some in the party had feared given Biden's declining approval ratings and voter disillusionment with inflation.

Even a minimal Republican majority in the House would be able to block Biden's priorities while launching politically damaging investigations against his administration and family.

The final result of the congressional elections is unlikely to be known in the near future. More than 46 million Americans cast ballots by mail or in person before Election Day, and state election officials warn that it will take time to count those ballots.

The day before, the State Department announced that Washington's support for Ukraine will be "unwavering and unchanging" regardless of the results of the midterm elections to the Congress.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, during a visit to Kyiv last week, U.S. President National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan assured that the U.S. would provide financial assistance and weapons to Ukraine regardless of the election results.

Earlier, the United States of America announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth USD 400 million.

On November 1, the Pentagon announced that Ukraine will receive eight NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems from the U.S. to strengthen air defense.


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