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Ukraine’s exports down 8.2% to USD 4.1 billion in October

Ukraine’s exports down 8.2% to USD 4.1 billion in October

Ukraine, exports, October, down 8.2% to USD 4.1 billion


In October, the volume of Ukrainian exports in monetary terms decreased by 8.2% or USD 0.3 billion month over month to USD 4.144 billion.

Deputy Minister of Economy / trade representative Taras Kachka announced this on Facebook, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"The value of exports amounted to USD 3.8 billion, down 8.2% month over month. This was due to both a decrease in export volumes and a decrease in world prices for both food and industrial goods. On the other hand, imports increased by 2 .6% to USD 4.6 billion, although the volume slightly decreased by 3.1% to 2.01 million. 25% of the import volume and 16% of the value are petroleum products. Of USD 3.8 billion in exports, USD 2.5 billion was exported to the EU. Among the member states, Poland (USD 560 million), Romania (USD 412 million), Germany (USD 233 million), Hungary (USD 187 million), and Spain (USD 186 million) take the lead," he wrote.

According to Kachka, in October exports to Turkey amounted to USD 234 million, to China – USD 152 million, to India – USD 112 million, to the United States – USD 76 million, and to Moldova – USD 76 million dollars.

At the same time, India bought 21.7% of the total volume of sunflower oil in October.

He noted that according to the results for the first 10 months of 2022, the total trade turnover amounted to 80.3 billion dollars, of which USD 36.9 billion was accounted for by exports and USD 43.4 billion by imports (compared to 10 months of 2021, exports decreased by 32.3% and import - by 23.9%).

According to Kachka, in October, the volumes of Ukrainian exports in physical volume decreased by 4.6% month over month to 9.2 million tons.

"The largest drop in volumes is the mining and metallurgical complex. The export of ore is 286,000 tons less than in September (-21%). Iron was exported by 127,000 tons less than in September (-63%). In absolute numbers, exports of these goods: ore 1.06 million tons and pig iron 72,200 tons. For ore, this is the lowest indicator since the beginning of the year. But not without good news - the export of bars reached the pre-war level – 65,000 tons. In general, trends in metallurgy, unfortunately, continue gloomy," he wrote.

Also, in October, wheat export increased by 9.7% to 1.96 million tons and corn - by 2.7% to 2.2 million tons.

At the same time, due to the completion of harvesting, the export of rapeseed decreased by 23% to 669,000 tons.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in September, the volume of Ukrainian exports in monetary terms increased by 23% or USD 781 million month over month to USD 4.144 billion.