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Decision On Surrender Of Kherson Must Be Made By Putin Personally, Propagandists Are On Alert - Russian Media

Decision On Surrender Of Kherson Must Be Made By Putin Personally, Propagandists Are On Alert - Russian Media

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The Russian authorities consider the surrender of Kherson undesirable, but probable. The decision on this should be made personally by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the Russian publication Meduza on Monday, November 7, with reference to its own sources in the leadership of the Russian Federation.

Two sources close to the Kremlin note that the Russian authorities now consider the surrender of Kherson an "undesirable" but "probable" option for the development of events at the front, the publication writes. Interlocutors of Meduza stated that in general, the situation in this part of the front depends not on Moscow, but on the actions of the Ukrainian military - if there is a massive offensive, the occupiers will leave the city.

"According to Meduza's interlocutors, the final decision to withdraw from Kherson should be made personally by Putin, with the participation of people from his "close circle" (after the start of war, it mostly consists of high-ranking security forces officers). President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, when asked by Meduza at the moment of the publication of this article, did not answer the question," the statement said.

The publication also notes that Russian propagandists have already received instructions on how to prepare society for the surrender of Kherson. They are instructed to say that "the Kherson direction is the most difficult for the Russian army at the current stage of the special operation," because Ukraine has thrown the most combat-capable troops there. Words about "NATO's participation" and the alleged plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to blow up the Kakhovska HPP, which will become "a trap for the Russian troops, which will simply be washed away," should also serve as justifications.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 6, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the occupiers in Kherson continue to forcibly evacuate the population and send out fake messages.

On November 3, the Russian flag disappeared from the building of the regional state administration in temporarily occupied Kherson.

On November 2, the General Staff was informed that the Russian occupiers were taking archival documents of the local administration out of Kherson during the so-called "evacuation".