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British intelligence predicts RF's chances of achieving air superiority

British intelligence predicts RF's chances of achieving air superiority

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Russia is facing a number of challenges that will prevent it from gaining air superiority in the coming months.

This follows from a statement by the Ministry of Defense of Britain.

It is noted that on November 3, Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi reported that Russia lost more than twice as many aircraft in Ukraine than in the Soviet-Afghan war. In Ukraine, according to him, the Russian Federation lost 278 aircraft, while in Afghanistan - 119.

"While we cannot independently verify these numbers, Russia's ongoing lack of air superiority is likely exacerbated by poor training, the loss of experienced crews and the increased risk of providing close air support in dense air defense areas. This is unlikely to change in the next few months," the summary states.

Losses of aircraft in Russia probably significantly exceed the Russian Federation's ability to produce new bodies, the summary says. And the time required to train competent pilots further reduces Russia's ability to restore combat aviation.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, according to the notification of the General Staff of the AFU, the losses of personnel of the Russian troops on November 2 increased by 730 people to 74,000 killed.

From February 24 to November 8, the enemy lost 277 aircraft, 258 helicopters and 1,442 operational-tactical UAVs.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, losses of the Russian army in armored vehicles in Ukraine reached 40 units per day in mid-October.

British intelligence claims that the Russian Federation is increasingly resorting to high-risk helicopter missions to directly support troops in combat. Helicopters are used to support infantry at the front and are shot down by Ukrainian MANPADS.


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