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Officials might get right to block websites without trial.

Officials might get right to block websites without trial.

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The Ukrainian Internet Association has opposed the law on media.

Maksym Tuliiev, a member of the board of the Ukrainian Internet Association, is confident that the adoption of the bill on media will lead to the blocking of sites at the request of officials.

He said this in an interview for the Ukrainian News agency.

"At the will of any official, websites will be blocked without a respective court decision and in avoidance of any serious verification mechanism. They might block websites whenever they want it," he said, such will be the consequences if the bill on media is adopted in its current wording.

In his opinion, the blocking of everything on the Internet at the will of some person in the Russian manner is done deliberately by the MPs.

"Wartime itself imposes its own restrictions. The media should be controlled somehow more tightly to prevent hostile propaganda of Russia, but this bill is about peacetime, not wartime, and that must be understood," he added.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, Tuliiev believes that if the bill on media is adopted, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting will become a worse institution than the Russian Roskomnadzor.

He also noted that the concept of "media" is not clearly defined in the bill on media, so if the document is adopted, all sites will fall under this definition.

On the Internet Associations worry about freedom of speech due to the media law.



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