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650,000 Ukrainians find work in Poland under a simplified procedure

650,000 Ukrainians find work in Poland under a simplified procedure

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Almost 650,000 Ukrainians have found work in Poland under a simplified procedure.

This follows from a statement by Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Malag, the European Pravda online media outlet reports.

According to her assessment, the situation on the labor market is similar to last year, so there are no alarming symptoms yet.

"On the other hand, we look to the future with moderate optimism, as the country is experiencing a slowdown in economic growth. According to our estimates, the unemployment rate in Poland will rise to 5.4% next year," the minister said.

She noted that the labor market in the country needs workers.

"About 650,000 citizens of Ukraine work in our country under simplified rules. This is very good information," Malag said.

Answering questions about inflation, the minister noted that the government is doing everything possible to slow it down, but does not want it to be done at the expense of wages.

"We are calm, we do not assume that there will be a "salary-price" spiral in Poland," said the head of the Ministry of Social Policy.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Netherlands changed the rules for Ukrainian refugees from November 1.

Meanwhile, many migrants in Ternopil work unofficially.