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Occupiers Forcing Kakhovka And Nova Kakhovka Residents To Leave City Until November 7 - Adviser To Kherson Reg

Occupiers Forcing Kakhovka And Nova Kakhovka Residents To Leave City Until November 7 - Adviser To Kherson Regional Military Administration Head Khlan

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In Nova Kakhovka and Kakhovka in the Kherson Region for the third day in a row, the occupiers drive cars with loudspeakers and warn local residents about the need to leave settlements by November 7.

Serhii Khlan, adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, member of the Kherson Regional Council, announced this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He said that the occupiers are going to organize the removal of people from these cities, but there is no data on what and where they will be taken.

"They note that an evacuation will be organized, it is not clear where, it is not clear on what, but now they are calling for people to go somewhere themselves. There is already a forced eviction from private houses in Kakhovka and in Nova Kakhovka, which are located near the coast of the Dnieper River. Initially, such information was provided from Hola Prystan, and from Oleshky. And there, first of all, the occupiers began this so-called eviction from private houses. Rashists are settled there, disguised as civilians," said Khlan.

At the same time, according to him, the invaders are building fortifications on the entire Dnieper coast on the left bank of the Kherson Region and the coast of the Kakhovskyi reservoir.

In particular, they are installing concrete dugouts near the Dnieper River, on the left bank, and also are building new roadblocks.

"Now there is a total strengthening of the left bank and the building of fortifications," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the mayor of Oleshky, Kherson Region, Yevhen Ryshchuk, called on local residents to evacuate due to the threat of turning the territory of the Oleshky community into a bridgehead for conducting hostilities.