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Red Notice fugitive repatriated to China

Red Notice fugitive repatriated to China

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Qu Jianling. Photo by Xinhua.
Qu Jianling. Photo by Xinhua.

A former banker on China's Red Notice fugitive list was captured overseas and repatriated to China, according to an official statement issued. This was reported by The Xinhua News Agency.

Qu Jianling, a former staffer of a district branch of the Bank of China in Guangzhou, capital of the southern Guangdong Province, was suspected of embezzling huge amounts of public funds and had fled overseas in November 1995.

She fled to multiple countries using different identities and was apprehended through international law enforcement cooperation, according to the statement from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC and the National Commission of Supervision.

The CPC will formulate major plans to deepen international cooperation to combat corruption and establish an integrated mechanism for pursuing fugitives, preventing escape and retrieving stolen assets, said an official with the fugitive repatriation and asset recovery office under the central anti-corruption coordination group.

Qu's arrest demonstrates China's firm determination to bring back all corrupt fugitives, the official said.

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