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Bulgaria Will Start Supplying Ukraine With Weapons And Other Military Aid - Media

Bulgaria Will Start Supplying Ukraine With Weapons And Other Military Aid - Media

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Bulgaria will start supplying Ukraine with weapons and other military aid. The parliamentary committees on defense and foreign policy of the country approved the respective proposals of the Bulgarian pro-European parties.

The European publication Euractiv writes about it.

The proposals were submitted by members of the Democratic Bulgaria and GERB parties. The bills have successfully passed through the committees and now need to get the necessary number of votes in the parliament.

It is expected that the bills will be supported by MPs from Democratic Bulgaria, We Continue To Change, Movement For Rights And Freedoms and GERB.

Pro-Russian parties in the Bulgarian parliament Bulgarian Socialist Party and Revival continue to be opponents of military aid to Ukraine.

Deputy Daniel Mitov from GERB noted that this decision was very late, so it should be considered and adopted as soon as possible.

"The list of countries that help Ukraine is a list of civilized countries. I want Bulgaria to be part of this list," Mitov said.

It will be recalled that in late March, the head of the Bulgarian Defense Ministry, Dragomir Zakov, stated that his country has no intention of supplying weapons to Ukraine, as Bulgaria itself needs them.

He later said that Bulgaria does not possess a large number of weapons to transfer to other countries.

And according to Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Bulgaria has already done enough to support Ukraine.