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Cabinet Preparing To Denounce Agreement On Trade Zone With CIS - MP Pidlasa

Cabinet Preparing To Denounce Agreement On Trade Zone With CIS - MP Pidlasa

CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States

The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing to denounce the free trade zone agreement with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States of October 18, 2011.

Member of Parliament from the Servant of the People faction, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on economic development Roksolana Pidlasa wrote this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Decolonization of trade relations is in progress. At a meeting with Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, among other things, I initiated the issue of denunciation of the free trade zone agreement with the CIS of 2011... According to my information, the Prime Minister began work on the preparation of a bill on denunciation. At the same time, our common task with the Ministry of Economy will be to work on modernizing bilateral agreements with Central Asian countries, as well as completing the ratification of the Agreement on Recognition of Certificates of Origin with Moldova and the Protocol on the Rules of Origin of GUAM," she wrote.

Pidlasa noted that, in addition to Russia, on trade with which the embargo is imposed, the parties to the treaty are also Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan applies the contract on separately defined terms.

She recalled that with all these countries, Ukraine has bilateral free trade agreements, in addition, the GUAM free trade agreement has been signed, and with Georgia and Moldova, Ukraine also applies the regional pan-euro-med convention.

"There are many tools that work for Ukrainian manufacturers, and there is no need to participate in the Russocentric treaty, where Russia imposes its rules and applies the right of force," she wrote.

Pidlasa also noted that in January-September 2022, exports to the CIS countries decreased by 23.8% compared to the same period in 2021.

This figure does not take into account exports to Russia and Belarus, which are not de facto carried out due to the full-scale war unleashed by these countries against Ukraine.

According to her, most of all trade with Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan - more than half.

This is primarily due to the complication of logistical routes due to the blocking of Black Sea ports by the Russian army.

At the same time, exports to Moldova grew by 15% due to the fact that the country has become one of the transit destinations for Ukrainian goods.

In total, total exports to the CIS countries for the 9 months of 2022 amounted to USD 1.27 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine is the founding state of the CIS, but has never been a member of the CIS, since it has not signed a decision on the adoption of the CIS Charter.

At the same time, since 2014, the process of denunciation of CIS agreements and agreements has been ongoing in Ukraine.

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