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Russia Spent USD 760 Million On Massive Shelling Of Ukraine On October 31 - Forbes

Russia Spent USD 760 Million On Massive Shelling Of Ukraine On October 31 - Forbes

Russian missiles, Russian drones

The total cost of missiles and drones fired by Russia on the territory of Ukraine for October 31 is about USD 760 million. This was reported by Forbes on Tuesday, November 1, citing its own calculations.

Russia launched 22 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine, 55 Kh-101 cruise missiles, one Kh-59 aircraft missile and five drones of various types, the newspaper reports.

"To calculate the cost of these missiles, Forbes used the following estimates: the cost of a Kh-101 missile is USD 13 million, an S-300 anti-aircraft missile - USD 2 million, UAVs of various types along with a Kh-59 missile - about USD 1 million. The total cost of all missiles and drones fired on October 31 is about USD 760 million," the report said.

The Russian occupiers struck Ukraine's energy infrastructure facilities on October 31, carrying out several waves of missile attacks.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 31, the head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Vyacheslav Chaus reported on the massive launch of missiles by Russia.

Later, information about damage to critical infrastructure facilities came from the Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Cherkasy Regions.

At the same time, on October 31, Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 44 missiles out of more than 50 launched by invaders from strategic aviation.

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