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KSG Agro starts exporting corn to Slovakia

KSG Agro starts exporting corn to Slovakia

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The agro-industrial company KSG Agro (Dnipropetrovsk Region) has started export deliveries of corn to Slovakia in the volume of up to 1,000 tons.

This follows from a statement by the company, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"In the conditions of the actual blocking of the export of agricultural products by sea, the successful business of agricultural holdings focused on building their own effective logistics. We succeeded in this, so we continue to develop exports to the countries of the European Union. Following the supply of both grain and products with a high added value - oil, we are starting to export corn. There is every reason to talk about a further increase in export supplies to the EU countries, because, on the one hand, there is a high demand for our agricultural products there, and on the other hand, the "green light" for Ukrainian agricultural exports has been turned on. At the moment, there are actually none in the EU taxes (the same VAT) and import duties," said Serhii Kasiyanov, the chairman of the board of directors of KSG Agro.

He noted that after solving logistics problems, farmers have the opportunity to establish an effective export revenue channel.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in September, KSG Agro started exporting rapeseed and sunflower oil to Poland, Slovakia and Italy.

In 2021, KSG Agro increased its EBITDA 2 times or by USD 6.256 million year over year to USD 12.278 million.

At the same time, the company increased revenue by 44.1% or USD 9.408 million year over year to USD 30.746 million, and net profit - 16 times or by USD 19 million to USD 20.27 million.

KSG Agro was established in 2001.

The enterprises included in it are located in the Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv Regions.

The company is developing the pig-breeding sector, is engaged in plant growing (cultivates 20,000 hectares of land), processing, flour and biofuel production.

The co-owner of KSG Agro is Serhii Kasiyanov.


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