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Ukraine Agrees With 12 Countries On Equipment Supply For Power System Restoration

Ukraine Agrees With 12 Countries On Equipment Supply For Power System Restoration

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed with the governments and companies of 12 countries on the supply of equipment for the restoration of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

This is stated in the message of the Foreign Ministry with reference to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

It is noted that on the instructions of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to actively work with international partners to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure, damaged as a result of Russian missile terror.

"Ukrainian diplomats are in constant contact with partners and make every effort to ensure that there is light, heat and water in the homes of Ukrainians. We are attracting the necessary assistance and equipment to overcome the consequences of Russia's terrorist attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure. We will not allow Russian terror to break either us or our partners," the Minister said.

Kuleba noted that on the corresponding instructions of the head of state, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Ministry of Energy and other authorities and state-owned enterprises compiled and updated a list of needs.

The Foreign Ministry updated the relevant requests within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism and the NATO Crisis Response Center.

In addition, diplomats are processing requests directly with energy equipment companies in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China and other countries.

"We have already agreed on the supply of equipment from the governments and companies of 12 countries: Israel, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, North Macedonia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland and France. In total, we are talking about 954 units of energy equipment. The first batches of assistance are already in Ukraine, the rest is expected in the near future. We continue to work to increase the number of partners and volumes of support," said Kuleba.

Among the equipment that Ukraine receives are generators of various types, automatic switches, heat guns, etc.

"We are grateful to every partner and every company that responded to our urgent request. Ukraine will always remember those who were with us during the difficult time of challenges, " the Foreign Minister concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Monday, 10 regions were hit by Russian missiles and drones, where 18 objects were damaged, most of which are energy facilities.

Hundreds of settlements in seven regions of Ukraine were de-energized.