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Stuffing Information About Arms Smuggling From Ukraine To Finland Another Russian Disinformation - Nikolenko

Stuffing Information About Arms Smuggling From Ukraine To Finland Another Russian Disinformation - Nikolenko

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The Finnish police and the Finnish ambassador in Kyiv did not confirm information about the appearance of weapons from Ukraine in the hands of the criminality of their country. The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko announced this.

So, Nikolenko said that after the publication in the media of information about the alleged smuggling of weapons to Finland, the Ukrainian Embassy in Helsinki immediately turned to the Finnish police for details.

"In response, the Finnish side reported the absence of confirmed information or any specific facts of the supply of smuggled weapons from Ukraine. During the conversation today, the Finnish Ambassador to Kyiv also did not confirm the information published in the Finnish media," the speaker said.

According to Nikolenko, the stuffing of news about the alleged smuggling of weapons from Ukraine to Finland is another Russian disinformation.

"Russia continues to make efforts to discredit international military assistance to our state. The purpose of such a Russian information operation is to provoke fear among Europeans that the weapons that their governments transfer to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression will turn against themselves, falling into the hands of criminal elements," the representative of the Foreign Ministry noted.

Nikolenko added that Ukraine maintains a close dialogue with international partners in the context of the transfer of weapons and ensuring an effective monitoring system for its use.

"It is critically important that public comments also rely on official information, not the assumptions of individuals," he concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in July this year, the German publication Der Spiegel, citing the leadership of the Police Service of the European Union (Europol), allegedly announced the existence of weapons smuggling channels from Ukraine.

At the end of July, a message was published on the official Europol website stating that the organization trusts the Ukrainian authorities, as it takes measures to control and track weapons.

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