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Weapons Sent To Ukrainian Military Found In Possession Of Members Of Finnish Mafia

Weapons Sent To Ukrainian Military Found In Possession Of Members Of Finnish Mafia

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Finnish law enforcement agencies have information that weapons supplied by Western countries to the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into the hands of members of the Finnish mafia.

The corresponding statement was made by the Commissioner of the Central Criminal Police, Christer Ahlgren, his words are quoted by Yle.

According to Finnish intelligence, representatives of organized crime in Finland are armed with weapons that were intended for servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and were delivered to Ukraine.

"We have indications that these weapons are already in Finland... We have a lot of intelligence that criminal groups are very interested in weapons that are sent to Ukraine," Ahlgren was quoted by the publication as saying.

According to him, it is about small arms, in particular, automatic weapons.

He also recalled that after the end of previous armed conflicts, weapons repeatedly ended up in the hands of criminal organizations.

This was the case, for example, after the breakup of Yugoslavia. At that time, criminals in Sweden were found to have weapons delivered from the countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

It will be recalled that in July, the German publication Der Spiegel, with reference to the leadership of the Police Service of the European Union (Europol), reported the alleged existence of arms smuggling channels from Ukraine.

In late July, a message was published on the official website of Europol, in which it is said that the organization trusts the authorities of Ukraine, because it takes measures to control and track weapons.

We also reported that after the start of the full-scale invasion, several tens of thousands of Ukrainians received small arms to deter Russian military aggression.