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Russian Missile, Shot Down By Ukrainian Air Defense, Fell In Moldova

Russian Missile, Shot Down By Ukrainian Air Defense, Fell In Moldova

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One of the Russian missiles with which Russia fired at Ukraine today fell on the territory of Moldova in the north of the city of Naslavcea. Previously, there are no victims, but there is damage to houses.

This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country.

"This morning, a missile shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft system fell in the northern part of the city of Naslavcea in the Republic of Moldova, on the border with Ukraine," the statement reads.

No one was injured when the rocket fell, but windows were shattered in several houses in Naslavcea.

The rocket, which fell on the territory of Moldova, could fly in the direction of the Dniester dam, which is located 10 km from the Naslavcea dam. According to information from the Ukrainian authorities, it was attacked by the Russians today.

We will remind you that today the Ukrainian energy system was subjected to a large-scale attack by the Russian Federation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, critical infrastructure facilities were damaged in the Zaporizhzhia Region as a result of shelling.

Later, it became known about a missile hitting an infrastructure object in the Kyiv Region, as well as about the work of air defense in the Vinnytsia and Poltava Regions.

Ukrainians were also warned about the possibility of repeated shelling from Russia.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko announced the introduction of emergency power outages. They were caused by a massive missile strike from Russia.