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One Of Russian Missiles Returned To Launch Site - Kim

One Of Russian Missiles Returned To Launch Site - Kim

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During the massive missile attack, one of the missiles launched by the occupying Russian forces turned 180 degrees in the air and returned to the launch site. This was announced by the head of Mykolayiv Regional Military Administration Vitalii Kim.

"One (only) of the Russian missiles has critical and logical thinking. After weighing all the arguments and deciding not to commit a war crime, the missile decided to return to its "home port," Kim wrote.

The published photo clearly shows the trail of the launch of the rocket, which spins in the air.

It will be recalled that earlier today, on October 31, the head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, Viyacheslav Chaus, announced the massive launch of missiles by Russia.

Later, information about damage to critical infrastructure facilities came from the Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Cherkasy Regions.

The Office of the President of Ukraine announced the introduction of emergency power outages caused by the consequences of rocket fire.

Ukrainians were also warned about the possibility of repeated shelling from Russia.