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2 Military Helicopters Blown Up In Pskov Oblast

2 Military Helicopters Blown Up In Pskov Oblast

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In the Pskov Oblast of Russia, on the territory of a helipad, which is located near the Russian-Latvian border in the Ostrovsky district, three explosions occurred, as a result of which two Ka-52 helicopters were damaged.

This is reported by the Russian mass media.

"The incident happened late in the evening on October 30," the message reads.

In Russia, they claim that the equipment was under repair.

According to Russian media, law enforcement officers are inspecting the scene. They are not yet talking about the cause of the explosion.

Telegram channel Baza clarifies that the blast wave was so powerful that the wreckage of the fuselage was scattered 200 meters around.

The Ka-52 reconnaissance and attack helicopter, which is known under the name Alligator, is considered one of the most advanced combat vehicles in its class. It is able to quickly maneuver in a limited space to occupy an advantageous attacking position, perform complex aerobatics and conduct aerial combat at low altitudes.

It will be recalled that in Russia, in the city of Yeisk, a Su-34 military aircraft crashed into a residential multi-story building, which caused a large-scale fire.

On October 23, a Su-30 fighter jet crashed into a residential building in the Russian city of Irkutsk.