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Ukraine Switches To Winter Time

Ukraine Switches To Winter Time

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On the night of October 29 to 30, Ukraine switched to winter time - at 04:00 a.m. the hands of the clocks were moved back one hour. This is reported by Ukrainian News Agency.

Every year, the transition to winter time takes place on the last Sunday of October at 4 a.m. in Ukraine and most countries of the European Union. In 2022, the change of clocks fell on October 30.

Most electronic devices are set automatically, but on mechanical clocks and devices that do not have access to the Internet, you must manually change the time by one hour.

The transition to winter and summer time in Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers from 1996.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in order to improve the quality of sleep and quickly enter a new regime, the Public Health Center advises to follow simple rules: do not drink caffeinated beverages before bed, give up alcohol and smoking, do not eat heavy food before bed, regularly ventilate the bedroom.

In March 2021, the issue of establishing a unified Kyiv time in Ukraine was considered. However, the Verkhovna Rada refused to cancel the transition to winter and summer time.