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Russia Probably To Accelerate Exit From Kherson - British Intelligence

Russia Probably To Accelerate Exit From Kherson - British Intelligence

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Specialists from British military intelligence believe that the forced departure of the population and the removal of Potemkin's remains from Kherson precede the Russian Federation's intentions to speed up the exit from this area. This is stated in the next issue of the intelligence review published by the British Ministry of Defense.

The authority reminds that on October 27, Volodymyr Saldo, the Russian appointed "governor" of the occupied Kherson Region, stated that more than 70,000 civilians had left the city of Kherson. On October 26, Saldo also announced that Russia had removed the remains of the famous 18th-century Russian statesman Prince Grigory Potemkin from his burial in the Kherson Cathedral east of the Dnieper.

"In Russian national identity, Potemkin is closely associated with the Russian conquest of Ukrainian lands in the 18th century and underscores the importance that Putin almost certainly attaches to the alleged historical justification for the invasion. This symbolic removal of Potemkin and the exodus of the civilian population likely predates Russia's intentions to accelerate withdrawal from of this region," the British intelligence says.