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AFU Advancing In Direction Of Kreminna In Luhansk Region - Haidai

AFU Advancing In Direction Of Kreminna In Luhansk Region - Haidai

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna, and also repelled all attacks by the Russian invaders on Bilohorodka, Luhansk region.

Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, announced this on Thursday, October 27.

Haidai noted that the Russian occupation troops tried to break into Bilohorodka, but were rebuffed by the Ukrainian defenders.

"As for the slightly different direction - Svatove-Kreminna, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing there. The only thing that it is slow, but it is quite predictable," Haidai said.

He explained that there is no longer a factor of surprise, so the aggressor's troops blew up bridges, pulled up reserves and tightly mined the territory, as well as bombarded all the settlements left by them. Also, weather conditions slow down the Ukrainian offensive, because due to downpours, the equipment gets stuck, and only infantry can advance, Haidai said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 25, Haidai said that the Russian occupiers mined the entire bank of the Chervona River in the Svativskyi District of the Luhansk Region.

As of October 7, the Ukrainian military liberated 7 settlements of the Luhansk Region from Russian occupiers.

On October 5, Haidai announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had begun the de-occupation of the Luhansk Region.