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Ukraine Does Not Plan To Increase Pace Of Mobilization - General Staff

Ukraine Does Not Plan To Increase Pace Of Mobilization - General Staff

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In Ukraine, there are no plans to increase the pace of mobilization, which is being carried out according to the plan, starting from February 24. This was announced by the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksii Hromov, at a briefing.

"Mobilization measures in Ukraine have been held since February 24, the measures are carried out according to plan. Every month conscripts are called up to re-staff certain military structures or to form new structures, according to the situation at the front, by the decisions made by the military-political leadership," he said.

Hromov assured that there is currently no significant increase or intensification of mobilization.

"Mobilization measures are being carried out according to plan and will be carried out according to plan," he added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, since mobilization measures will continue to be carried out, summonses can be issued anywhere and at any time of the day, and raids during which summonses are issued will continue.

The activities of the security and defense sector of Ukraine provide for about 1 million people in various structures. In particular, 700,000 people have been mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, the mobilization in Ukraine will last as long as it is necessary to re-staff all units that protect the state from Russian aggression.

Meanwhile, about 1% of the total number of mobilized women were called up to the ranks of the Armed Forces.