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AFU In Svativskyi District Destroy Invaders’ Barracks

AFU In Svativskyi District Destroy Invaders’ Barracks

Luhansk region, attack on invaders

In the Svativskyi district of the Luhansk Region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on the barracks of the invaders, as a result of which the Russian invaders were killed.

Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, announced this.

According to him, the barracks was located in the village of Korzhovo (former Petrivka) in the Svativskyi district. The losses of the invaders amounted to 60 people killed, at least 10 of them were Russian officers.

Haidai also said that about 100 wounded Russian servicemen were delivered to Holubivka during October 24-25, several surgical teams arrived from Luhansk and Kadiivka to rescue them.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, militants of the so-called LPR recognize that the Armed Forces of Ukraine crossed the administrative border of the Luhansk Region and continue their progress further east.

In addition, in the de-occupied Bilohorodka, Luhansk Region, two civilians were killed during Russian shelling.

And previously the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted a video from the de-occupied Bilohorodka. There were almost no undamaged houses left, they said.



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