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Special forces continue to blow up railway tracks in Russia – British intelligence

Special forces continue to blow up railway tracks in Russia – British intelligence

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A partisan movement continues to create sabotage on the Russian railway, due to which the Russian Armed Forces have certain difficulties in transferring troops to the war in Ukraine.

This follows from a statement by the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

Thus, on October 24, the governor of the Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported that an explosive device damaged the railway in the area of ​​the village of Novozybkove, approximately 15 km from the Russian-Belarusian border. The line is the main railway connection between Russia and southern Belarus. The Russian anti-war group Stop the Wagons claimed responsibility for the incident. This is already the sixth known case of sabotage against the infrastructure of Russian railways, which the group claimed, since June.

The British Ministry of Defense reports that the Russian armed forces mainly rely on rail transport to transfer troops to Ukraine, but with a network of more than 33,000 km, which mostly crosses isolated areas, the system is extremely difficult to protect from physical threats.

The Russian leadership is increasingly concerned that even a small group of citizens opposed to the war may continue sabotage.

We will remind, earlier in Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast, a fire started at an electrical substation, and Russian officials blame the Ukrainian military for the fire.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian partisans blew up the railway in the occupied Melitopol. The occupiers confirmed the detonation of the railway track, calling the actions of the partisans "a strike by Ukrainian militants."