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Ovostar Union reduces egg production by 5.1% in 9M

Ovostar Union reduces egg production by 5.1% in 9M

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In the first nine month of 2022, a large producer of egg products, the Ovostar Union group (Kyiv), reduced the production by 5.1% or 64 million eggs year over year to 1.19 billion eggs.

This follows from a statement by the company, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

At the same time, sales of eggs decreased by 2.4% to 824 million eggs, and export sales increased by 6.7% to 223 million tons (27% of total sales).

The average selling price of eggs in the period from January to September remained at the level of USD 0.076/egg.

The volume of egg processing during the reporting period decreased by 9.8% to 339 million eggs compared to the same period last year.

In particular, the volume of production of dry and liquid egg products was 2,239 tons (+4.9%) and 7,609 tons (-24.8%), respectively.

As of September 30, the company's total poultry population decreased by 14.3% to 6.84 million chickens compared to September 30, 2021.

Also, the number of laying hens decreased by 13.3% to 5.75 million.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in 2021, Ovostar Union reduced net profit by 36.1%, or USD 0.937 million to USD 1.655 million, increasing revenue by 34.8%, or USD 34.459 million to USD 133.366 million compared to from 2020.

The group of companies Ovostar Union includes a number of enterprises, including the poultry farms Ukraine and Stavyshchanska, the factory of egg products Ovostar.

The group produces and sells eggs under the name Yasensvit and other brands, as well as under a private label for retail chains and egg products under the name of Ovostar.