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Occupiers Begin To Issue DPR Passports To Mariupol Residents - Andriushchenko

Occupiers Begin To Issue DPR Passports To Mariupol Residents - Andriushchenko

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The Russian occupiers started passportization of the population in the temporarily captured Mariupol. The first passports were issued in the village of Manhush in the Mariupol district.

This was reported by Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

"But not without a "black label". The place of registration is DPR. Mariupol. You are like a "Russian", but not like Russians. Sub-human," Andriushchenko emphasized.

According to him, the speed of processing is extremely low. That is why, the official believes, the process will drag on for months.

"First of all, passports will be issued to those who work for budget institutions," the statement reads.

We will remind you that earlier Andriushchenko said that a large number of people in the occupied Mariupol still live in basements and cook on the street.

In addition, in Mariupol, the Russian occupiers obliged all educators, doctors and employees of budget institutions to hand in Ukrainian passports and obtain Russian ones by late 2022.

They are also preparing for mobilization in occupied Mariupol. The military commandant's office thoroughly checks men's documents on the streets. The mayor's office says that people with Donetsk registration are immediately sent to the front.