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New UK Prime Minister Officially Appointed

New UK Prime Minister Officially Appointed

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Rishi Sunak, after meeting with King Charles III, officially became the head of the government. He promised to support Ukraine and visit Kyiv. This is reported by BBC Ukraine.

On October 24, Rishi Sunak remained the only candidate for the position of chairman of the Conservative Party. After completing the formal procedures, he became the first ever British Prime Minister of Asian origin. And the first who became the head of the government after meeting with the new King.

In August, former finance minister Sunak was one of the favorites in the race for the Prime Minister's seat, which became vacant after the resignation of Boris Johnson. However, he failed to convince members of the Conservative Party: they chose Liz Truss.

A second bid for Britain's highest office proved successful, especially after Johnson withdrew his candidacy, and Sunak's rival was the relatively unknown and unpopular Penny Mordaunt.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 20, British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation, stating that she "cannot fulfill the mandate entrusted to her".

On October 24, Johnson announced that he would not run for the post of Prime Minister.