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Zelenskyy Asks Partners To Create "Financial Ramstein" To Cover Ukraine's Urgent Needs

Zelenskyy Asks Partners To Create "Financial Ramstein" To Cover Ukraine's Urgent Needs

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy insists on establishing the so-called "financial Ramstein" to support Ukraine's financial stability and restore the infrastructure destroyed by Russian troops.

He said this during a speech at the International Expert Conference on Restoration, Reconstruction and Modernization of Ukraine, which is ongoing in Berlin, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Zelenskyy reminded that he sees four elements of Ukraine's security:

  • security on the ground, which requires stable military support;
  • security in the sky - which requires strengthening anti-aircraft defense;
  • financial security - funds for urgent needs;
  • institutional capacity - how Ukraine implements all its programs, including the reconstruction program.

He asked the participants of the conference to focus not only on the fourth point, but also on the third - financing for the restoration of Ukraine.

"I thank you - and the European Union as a whole, and each EU country in particular, which helps, for the already provided support to our state. However, we need to give this support a more systematic character. I believe that we can already make a decision on the establishment of a "financial Ramstein" to support our joint stability by analogy with the "defense Ramstein" that is already functioning. We need a financial coordination platform that will unite and direct all efforts aimed at rebuilding Ukraine after hostilities. We need consolidation, clear and timely direction of resources," the President said.

He reminded that a plan of priority steps for reconstruction was developed - Fast Recovery Plan, which requires USD 17 billion to restore housing, schools, and hospitals.

The President also called on the participants of the conference to make a decision on financial assistance to Ukraine to cover the budget deficit, which currently amounts to USD 38 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the EU plans to allocate EUR 18 billion in aid to Ukraine in 2023.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the reconstruction of Ukraine will be a complex project "for generations", but it is also an opportunity to make it more advanced and modern than before the war, combining this process with the approach to joining the European Union.