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Prisoners Suffering From HIV And Hepatitis Recruited En Masse To Wagner PMC - Defense Intelligence

Prisoners Suffering From HIV And Hepatitis Recruited En Masse To Wagner PMC - Defense Intelligence

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The Russian private military company Wagner began mass recruiting prisoners of Russian prisons suffering from serious infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis C. Some of them have already been captured by Ukraine. This was announced by the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Tuesday, October 25.

Patients with severe infectious diseases, who are marked with appropriate bracelets on their hands, are recruited en masse to Wagner.

"The phenomenon has already acquired a mass character. For example, from only one penal colony No. 5 in the village of Metalostroy, Leningrad Oblast, more than a hundred prisoners with confirmed HIV or hepatitis C were "mobilized" to the Wagner PMC. In order to "label" infected militants, the command of Wagner forces them to wear red bracelets on their wrists in case of HIV, and white bracelets in case of hepatitis," the Defense Intelligence said in a statement.

Intelligence notes that because of this "neighborhood" with the infected, indignation among other militants grows, because it is known that Russian doctors systematically refuse to provide help to the wounded with hepatitis or HIV. Prisoners with these diseases have already been found in Ukraine, which confirms the information about the mass "recruitment" of infected prisoners to the Wagner PMC.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in early July, the Russian mass media reported that the militants of the Wagner PMC began to recruit "volunteers" among prisoners of Russian colonies.

On September 5, the Russian mass media reported that a Russian convicted of cannibalism had joined the ranks of the "volunteers".

As of October 21, it became known that the Wagner PMC recruited more than 20,000 prisoners of Russian colonies and prisons to participate in the war against Ukraine.