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Norway enforcers detain 2 Russians photographing military facilities

Norway enforcers detain 2 Russians photographing military facilities

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Two Russians who were engaged in filming military objects were detained in the Nordland region, Norway.

This is reported by the European Parliament with the reference to the TV2 channel.

So, it is reported that several Russian citizens with drones were arrested and detained in Norway in recent weeks. Due to sanctions against Russia, Russian citizens are prohibited from operating drones in Norwegian territory.

Two more people have now been arrested in Nordland. According to the TV channel, they are suspected of taking pictures of military objects on camera.

"Police in Nordland can confirm that two Russian nationals were arrested in the north of the county on Saturday 22 October. They have been charged with illegal photography and will be taken into custody today, Monday. The case will be referred to PST and further the investigation of the case will be handled by the PST," police lawyer and head of the Northern Nordland Public Prosecutor's Office Steffen Ravnosen told TV 2.

Most of the recent arrests have been made in northern Norway. In all cases, the defendants deny criminal wrongdoing. They themselves assure that they are tourists.

The Police Security Service, PST, last week took national responsibility for investigating the cases.

It was unofficially reported that one of the detainees may be the son of a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Due to a suspicious drone, the Bergen airport was closed for several hours.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, Japan protested the detention of a Japanese diplomat on suspicion of espionage.

Earlier, Russia announced the arrest of a "Ukrainian spy" who was operating in the Kursk Oblast.


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