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SSU publishes evidence of cooperation of Motor Sich president Bohuslaev with RF

SSU publishes evidence of cooperation of Motor Sich president Bohuslaev with RF

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The Security Service of Ukraine has published audio recordings of telephone conversations between Motor Sich JSC President Viyacheslav Bohuslaev and the Russian representatives, which confirm his cooperation with Russia.

This follows from a statement by the SSU press center, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"Even after the full-scale invasion of the aggressor, the official, who was previously elected as a member of the Party of Regions on several occasions, continued to supply engines and other spare parts to Russian attack helicopters. In doing so, he actually supported the enemy and helped him shell Ukrainian cities and villages. At the same time, he justified attack by Russia and expressed the hope that Putin would not stop the offensive of his troops, mused about Nazis in Ukraine, etc.,” the SSU reported.

SSU employees detained an official and one of the employees of the airline and informed them of their suspicions.

"The security service will do everything to identify other persons involved in illegal activities and bring them to justice. The cleansing of Ukraine from traitors and collaborators continues!" - said the SSU.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the SSU detained the director of Motor Sich Bohuslaev on suspicion of working for the Russian Federation.

On December 8, 2021, it became known that Viyacheslav Bohuslaev, the president and shareholder of Motor Sich, secretly sold the company's shares.

At the same time, in 2020, Bohuslaev's son secretly bought an island in Italy for EUR 10 million.


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