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NBU Ex-Head Shevchenko’s Property Arrested - Sources

NBU Ex-Head Shevchenko’s Property Arrested - Sources

NBU, Kyrylo Shevchenko, arrested property, ex NBU head

The High Anti-Corruption Court has arrested the property of the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko, who is suspected of embezzlement of funds from the state Ukrgasbank.

This was reported to Ukrainian News Agency by law enforcement sources.

"His property was arrested," the source said.

According to him, Shevchenko's property was arrested by court order.

Although, a preventive measure has not yet been elected for Shevchenko.

The interlocutor did not specify what property was arrested.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Shevchenko, who is suspected of embezzlement of Ukrgasbank funds, faces a sentence of imprisonment from 7 to 12 years with confiscation of property.

Shevchenko registered a trip abroad as a business trip.

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SACPO) informed Shevchenko about the suspicion in the case of Ukrgasbank. It was established that the bank's management, possessing information about banking contracts concluded with large customers, used it to steal money.

The investigation found that during 2014-2019, under this scheme, 52 fictitious agents were unreasonably transferred cash of the state bank in the amount of more than UAH 206 million.

The ex-head of the NBU Shevchenko has left Ukraine.

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