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Russia Claims 260,000 Russians Drafted Into Occupation Army Over Month

Russia Claims 260,000 Russians Drafted Into Occupation Army Over Month

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In the month since the announcement of mobilization in Russia, 260,000 reservists were called to the front. The Chairperson of the Committee of the Federal State Duma for Family, Women and Children Nina Ostanina said this after a meeting with Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Nikolai Pankov, the Russian propaganda agency TASS reports.

"260,000 have already been mobilized, it remains to fulfill the control figure of mobilization by just 14%," Ostanina noted.

She recalled that Putin announced on October 14 that the mobilization would end in about two weeks.

"Next week the mobilization is completed. Deputy Minister, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Nikolai Pankov said this and this was confirmed by the head of the mobilization department Yevgeny Burdinsky," Ostanina added.

At the same time, the Kremlin did not name specific dates for the end of mobilization.

"I can remind you of the president's words about the likely timing of the end of the mobilization, which the president said in Astana when he spoke with the press... There is no more accurate date," commented Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to Important Stories’ data, which journalists collected from open sources, at least 26 mobilized from different regions of the country died at the front during the month of mobilization. At least 30 more people died at gathering points and military units. Causes of death vary from born diseases to suicides. The most massive case of the death of mobilized people who did not reach the front was shooting in the military unit of the Belgorod region: according to various sources, from 11 to 32 people died there.