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AFU Test In Combat German IRIS-T Air Defense Complex

AFU Test In Combat German IRIS-T Air Defense Complex

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have successfully tested in combat the German IRIS-T air defense complex (Infra Red Imaging System Tail) and said that it showed itself "extremely well" in the fight against drones and Russian missiles.

The spokesman for the Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat stated this at a briefing.

"The latest shelling that we had: IRIS-T showed itself to be extremely good. This information on the baptism of this complex and the verification of its combat effectiveness and performance in combat conditions has passed. This information will be transmitted to the German side, which will take it into account," the military said.

According to him, Ukraine will receive several more launchers in the coming months.

Ihnat also explained why this complex will be a powerful means of combating attacks by the Russian Federation. The complex has 8 launch containers, and "even one installation equipped with 8 missiles." It can destroy missiles and unmanned vehicles.

However, now there are few such installations in Ukraine, and in Germany they have not yet been manufactured: the German industry is gaining momentum to increase the number of their production.

At the same time, Ihnat did not specify exactly where IRIS-T is used, noting that the Russians will try to destroy them, as they want to destroy HIMARS.

Last week, Ihnat noted that the German IRIS-T air defense complex is operating in Ukraine in the southern direction.