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Rada Adopts Law On Customs Tariff Of Ukraine

Rada Adopts Law On Customs Tariff Of Ukraine

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The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a law on the customs tariff of Ukraine.

289 parliamentarians voted for the adoption of bill No. 7737, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The adopted changes are aimed at:

- bringing the commodity nomenclature in line with the requirements of the HS-2022 to fulfill international obligations taken under the International Convention on a Harmonized System for the Description and Coding of Goods, which Ukraine has joined;

- adaptation of the statistical system of Ukraine to international methods, standards and classification;

- standardization of foreign trade documentation;

- speeding up and simplifying the procedure of customs clearance of goods during foreign trade operations.

At the same time, import duty rates on goods remain unchanged.

The Harmonized Product Description and Coding System (HS) is a commodity nomenclature used in 207 countries worldwide to ensure the same classification of goods for the establishment of customs tariffs, the implementation of non-tariff regulation measures and the collection of statistical data.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in August, the Rada adopted a law on changes to the Customs Code necessary for Ukraine to join the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) and the Convention on the Procedure for Joint Transit.

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