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Denmark Informs About Details Of Investigation Into Nord Streams Damage

Denmark Informs About Details Of Investigation Into Nord Streams Damage

Nord Stream-2, Nord Stream, explosions at Nord Stream

The Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea were damaged as a result of "powerful explosions." As a result of the incident, gas pipelines received "extensive damage."

This conclusion was reached by law enforcement agencies in Denmark, which launched an investigation into incidents with gas pipelines, their statement is quoted by the Associated Press.

The investigation of the incident is carried out by a joint group formed from intelligence officers and the Danish police.

The results of previous inspections show that damage to three of the four lines of two gas pipelines occurred as a result of an explosion.

Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov, in a comment to the Danish broadcaster TV2, said that what happened was by no means a coincidence.

"It doesn’t just seem planned, but very well planned," the Danish Minister said.

Copenhagen police said it was currently impossible to give any timeline for completing the investigation.

Recall that last week it became known that the law enforcement agencies of Denmark, Germany and Sweden refused to jointly investigate the damage to Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2.

Last Saturday, October 15, German media reported, citing German law enforcement agencies, that investigators from Germany found that only the use of explosives could cause damage to gas pipelines.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on the night of September 26, an incident occurred in the Baltic Sea, which led to damage to two threads of Nord Stream and one thread of Nord Stream-2.

According to U.S. media, about a ton of explosives were used to damage gas pipelines.

And the German media wrote that according to the German government, damaged gas pipelines can forever become unusable for transporting gas.

We also reported that the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) thought about protecting its underwater communications amid the incident with the Nord Streams.

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