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Russia again attacks 2 energy companies of DTEK Energy

Russia again attacks 2 energy companies of DTEK Energy

Russia, DTEK Energy, attacks, energy companies


Russian troops repeatedly attacked two energy enterprises of the DTEK Energy company.

This follows from a statement by DTEK, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"On October 18, Russia continued to carry out massive terrorist attacks on civilian and energy infrastructure. In the morning, two DTEK Energy energy enterprises were hit again by shelling. According to preliminary information, seven were injured. They were promptly provided with medical assistance, an ambulance was called, and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one of the wounded died in an ambulance from severe injuries," the report said.

According to the report, the energy equipment was seriously damaged, after the shelling stops, the employees of the enterprises will be able to start work on eliminating the consequences and resuming work.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, explosions rang out again in Kyiv on Tuesday morning, and three missile hits were recorded at the energy supply facility in the capital's Desnianskyi District.


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