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Russia begins evacuating civilians from occupied Kherson

Russia begins evacuating civilians from occupied Kherson

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The Russian authorities seem to be preparing for a battle for Kherson. The local pro-Russian administration asked Moscow to help organize the departure of the civilian population of the Kherson Region to the Russian Federation. Pro-war Telegram channels write about the preparation of Ukrainian troops for a new offensive.

This was reported by The Bell online media.

"It was decided to organize the possibility for Kherson families to travel to other regions of the Russian Federation for recreation and study. First of all, for residents of the Right Bank. But at the same time, we offered all residents of the Kherson Region, if there is such a desire, to also travel to other regions in order to protect themselves from the consequences of rocket attacks regions. [...] Turning to the leadership of the country, I want to ask for your help in organizing such work," said Volodymyr Saldo, head of the pro-Russian administration of the occupied part of the Kherson Region.

After that, his deputy Kyrylo Stremousov hastened to declare that "there is no evacuation in the Kherson region and there cannot be, and no one from the region is going to withdraw troops," but it is about "temporary stay and rest."

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin said that the government would help the residents of the Kherson Region to leave for Russia, will provide them with free accommodation and "everything necessary." "Those who decide to stay in the new place on a permanent basis will be provided with housing," Husnullin said.


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