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President’s Office Head Announces "Historical Decisions" To Close Ukrainian Skies

President’s Office Head Announces "Historical Decisions" To Close Ukrainian Skies

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Today, historical decisions are made to close the Ukrainian sky according to the results of the Ramstein meeting.

The head of the Office of the President Andrii Yermak wrote about this on his Telegram on Wednesday, October 12.

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that strengthening the air defense system is the first point of Ramstein, and that Ukraine has already received Iris-T, Yermak wrote.

"Strengthening Ukraine's air defense system is what we need. Another "Ramstein." It's historic for us because decisions are being made to close our skies. It is modern air defense systems for Ukraine that have been the topic of our latest conversations with the adviser to the President of the United States on national security Jake Sullivan," the head of the President’s Office emphasized.

Yermak also stressed that Russian tactics are changing to missile terror of cities and infrastructure, which demonstrates their agony and another attempt to break Ukraine, but President Volodymyr Zelenskyy set the task of closing the sky, which is in constant dialogue with allies.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 11, the coordinator of the U.S. National Security Council for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, said that Washington was working on an accelerated supply of NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine.

On October 10, U.S. President Joe Biden promised Ukraine advanced air defense systems.

On October 10, Russia fired 83 missiles at Ukraine, 43 of them were shot down by air defense.