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AFU Shoot Down 4 Enemy Ка-52 Helicopters In 18 Minutes

AFU Shoot Down 4 Enemy Ка-52 Helicopters In 18 Minutes

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On Wednesday, October 12, the Ukrainian military shot down four Russian Ка-52 helicopters in 18 minutes. At the same time, the military does not exclude that there may be more than four shot down targets.

This was reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"From 8.40 a.m. to 8.58 a.m. in the south of Ukraine, Air Force anti-aircraft missile units destroyed at least four enemy attack helicopters (presumably Ка-52)," the report said.

According to the military, helicopters carried out fire support for the occupiers on the ground in the south direction.

"According to preliminary data, one helicopter fell on the territory liberated from the rashists, the rest - behind the front line. Combat work was carried out on two more helicopters, so it is very likely that the number of confirmed downed helicopters will increase!" the Air Force reported.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks in areas of 7 settlements and hit 17 areas of concentration of manpower.

In addition, yesterday the invaders fired one ballistic and 28 cruise missiles at Ukraine, 20 of them were shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.