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AFU moving forward, occupiers building a line of defense – Haidai

AFU moving forward, occupiers building a line of defense – Haidai

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually moving forward in the Luhansk Region. Instead, the Russian occupiers are rapidly building a multi-layered defense line.

This follows from a statement by Head of the Luhansk Region Serhii Haidai on a telethon.

He emphasized that there are prospects and plans for a counteroffensive. However, "until they are opened."

"The military is doing its job clearly, according to the plan. You know, the Ukrainian plan and the Russian plan are completely different things. The Russian plan is something that happened by chance. The Armed Forces are really achieving their goal. Seven populated areas have been liberated today. We are moving forward little by little. But we will not talk about further actions," Haidai stressed.

According to him, the Russians are building defensive structures in various cities of the occupied region, as well as mining the "first section of the front line." It is not only about bridges and roads, but about administrative buildings.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the AFU repelled attacks in the areas of seven settlements and hit 17 areas of concentration of manpower.

In addition, yesterday, occupiers fired one ballistic and 28 cruise missiles over Ukraine, 20 of which were shot down by the AFU.


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