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Russia Attacks About 30% Of Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure - Energy Ministry

Russia Attacks About 30% Of Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure - Energy Ministry

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Over the past two days, about a third of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been affected by Russian missiles. This was reported by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko in an interview with CNN.

The official noted that one of the reasons is that exports of Ukrainian electricity to Europe "helps European countries save on Russian gas and coal."

Halushchenko stressed that Ukraine is trying to "quickly restore supply from other sources."

At the same time, he pointed out that the Ukrainian energy system is "still stable", but called for supply of air defense systems.

"We send this message to our partners: we need to protect the sky. The Russians do not play any international law games. They are indifferent to any international agreements or conventions," head of the Ministry of Energy added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 10, Russian invaders hit the facilities of energy infrastructure of the Lviv Region.

It was then reported that in Lviv and all settlements of the region, experts resumed energy.

However, Sadovyi later reported that 30% of Lviv has no light and there are problems with water. People are urged to make a supply of water. He also reported that one person was injured during today's shelling.