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ISW estimates possibility of another offensive from Belarus on northern Ukraine

ISW estimates possibility of another offensive from Belarus on northern Ukraine

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Occupiers are taking their ammunition and other material resources from warehouses in Belarus. Such actions of the Russian army are incompatible with creating conditions for another ground attack on Ukraine from the north.

This follows from a statement by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Military analysts noted that the General Directorate of Intelligence informed that an echelon with 492 tons of ammunition from the Belarusian 43rd Arsenal of Missile and BC depots in Gomel recently arrived at the Kirovska station in Crimea.

The ISW report also notes that, according to the Defense Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Belarusian officials plan to send an additional 13 echelons with weapons, equipment, ammunition and other unidentified material from five different Belarusian bases to the Rostov Oblast.

"The movement of Belarusian equipment indicates that Russian and Belarusian forces are not creating assembly zones in Belarus. The movement of equipment and supplies to Crimea and the Rostov region indicate that the Russian forces are less confident in the security of the ground lines of communication passing through the northern and the western Luhansk Region, taking into account the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive there," experts are convinced.

The Institute for the Study of War added that, in turn, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed that it did not observe signs of the formation of offensive groups in Belarus as of October 11.

Despite this, Belarus remains an accomplice in the war. After all, it materially supports Russian offensive actions and provides the occupiers with airfields from which they can attack Ukraine with high-precision munitions.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, Russia plans to transfer 13 echelons of weapons and military equipment to Belarus.

Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France Catherine Colonna said that in case of greater involvement in the war in Ukraine, Belarus will expect increased sanctions

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is trying to draw Belarus into an open war with Ukraine.

Minister of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin said that Belarus is not going to fight with Ukrainians and other peoples, unless there are provocations and "wrong actions."