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AFU Check Readiness Of Special Purpose Units To Perform Tasks On Border With Belarus

AFU Check Readiness Of Special Purpose Units To Perform Tasks On Border With Belarus

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine checked the readiness of special purpose units to perform tasks on the border with Belarus.

This was reported by the General Staff of Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The readiness of special purpose units to perform tasks in the Northern operational zone near the border with Belarus was checked by the Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhii Nayev.

This time, the military was tasked with carrying out counter-sabotage measures, namely, working out the mechanisms for detecting and neutralizing conditional subversive-reconnaissance groups moving by motor vehicles, as well as destroying illegal armed formations.

"Today, it is very important to remain vigilant on the border with Belarus, and therefore, the constant development of relevant measures is aimed at ensuring the proper level of protection of both civilian and military facilities from possible terrorist threats. Military personnel train in conditions as close as possible to real ones," Nayev emphasized.

According to the scenario of command and staff exercises, the unit received a signal about the movement of two sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

One - part of a military convoy, the other - disguised as civilians in civilian cars, which was a diversionary maneuver.

"A special purpose platoon in the number of two groups arrived in the specified area, blocking the direction of movement of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Having prepared ambushes, the military neutralized the enemy's equipment and captured the saboteurs," the commander of a separate special purpose unit noted.

The next stage of the exercises was the episode of destroying enemy airborne troops.

The commander of the unit was instructed to block the area with the identified sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy.

A separate special purpose unit, together with reserve personnel, advanced to the specified area.

The special forces conducted aerial reconnaissance, detected the enemy, and then passed the data on to the gunners.

After the specified square was worked out by the mortars, the special purpose unit went on a clearing.

Meanwhile, the personnel of the reserve went to the designated line and provided fire support.

These trainings are carried out systematically and are aimed at ensuring that personnel know how to act correctly during certain threats.

A separate environment is created for each exercise, during which servicemen practice questions in different directions and different objects.

"The training showed that the personnel is capable of performing tasks and is ready for terrorist threats, which are not excluded in the future," Nayev stressed.

The commander also added that the Republic of Belarus is currently an ally of the Russian Federation in its aggression against Ukraine, so the defense forces are studying the entire range of threats and taking the necessary measures to ensure that these threats are not carried out by the enemy.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus Viktor Khrenin said that Belarus is not going to fight with the Ukrainians unless there are "wrong steps".

The Kyiv Region was attacked today by Iranian drones from the territory of Belarus.