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Missile Attack On Dnipro. Wounded And Killed In City Reported

Missile Attack On Dnipro. Wounded And Killed In City Reported

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On the morning of October 10, Russia launched a missile strike on the city of Dnipro. There are known to be casualties in the city.

This was first reported by local Telegram channels.

According to eyewitnesses, at about 08:25 a.m. three explosions sounded in the city, followed by two more. Smoke billowed into the sky at the site of one of the strikes.

"In the morning, the Russians massively attack the region and the country. Critical infrastructure and residential neighborhoods are being hit. Terrorists are at war with peaceful people. Please stay in shelters - don't go out until the danger passes. Be patient. There may be temporary outages of water and light. But all services work. And we will resume everything as quickly as possible," Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, said about the situation.

He later said at least four people had been killed in the region. Another 19 were wounded.

"The Russians launched more than 10 missiles at the region. Four missiles were destroyed by our air defense. The enemy hit critical infrastructure facilities, residential areas, transport stops. It hit when people went to work. Willful. To sow panic," Reznichenko wrote.

According to him, in one of the districts of Kryvyi Rih, light disappeared: it disappeared in about 90,000 users.

The consequences of the hits in the region are being published.

Recall that Russia today has already fired 83 missiles at Ukraine, 43 were shot down by air defense.

Due to massive shelling in Kyiv, 5 people were killed, more than 20 people were injured.

In addition, Putin called the rocket attack on Ukrainian cities "a blow at military infrastructure."