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Kremlin Trying To Shift Blame For Explosions On Crimean Bridge To Russian Defense Ministry - ISW

Kremlin Trying To Shift Blame For Explosions On Crimean Bridge To Russian Defense Ministry - ISW

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The Kremlin is trying to shift the blame for the explosion on the Crimean Bridge to the Russian Ministry of Defense in order to deflect criticism from President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

At the same time, there was no official statement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in this regard.

The Meduza publication reported that the Putin’s administration had sent instructions to the Russian media on how to downplay the severity of the bridge's damage. It cannot be denied that the Kremlin ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense to remain silent about this situation.

Some nationalists from the Russian Federation said that Putin and his entourage failed to immediately react to the attack on the "symbolic" bridge, expressing direct criticism of the Russian president for the first time.

One of the military bloggers warned that if Putin does not take action in response, it "will be taken as a weakness of the president himself."

Propagandists called on the Kremlin to resume strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure. At the same time, there were no statements about the use of nuclear weapons in response.

ISW notes that the collapse of the Crimean Bridge road surface will limit the movement of Russian troops until the bridge is repaired, forcing some Russian forces to rely on ferry service for some time.

At the same time, the occupiers will probably still be able to transport heavy military equipment by rail.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on the morning of October 8, a fire broke out near the Kerch Bridge in the temporarily occupied Crimea.